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Local Treasures List: Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutiques

Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutique

*Firstly, note that this list is ever evolving and not currently finished. Luckily, Utah is a location that is expanding and continuing to grow with new fashions making their mark every year. We now tout brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, and Free People. All of which had never seen the likes of Salt Lake City but now have store fronts. However, if you want something really unique boutique shops that can only be found in our small city is where it’s at. So, without further ado, here is the ever growing list of locally owned Salt Lake City lingerie boutiques! Photo Credit above to Liquid Photography.

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Muse Of The Month: Dita Von Teese

Boudoir Photographer UT

Oh, Dita. The glossy retro exterior that appears so demure is actually quite naughty. Have you seen her burlesque show? From pink feather clad girly girl to bad ass leather babe this girl’s got her MO down pat — and totally owns it! She is a wonderful example that everyone has a multitude of different sides to themselves and that they can all be owned and celebrated in their own unique ways. 

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Be Your Best Summer Babe: Swimwear For Every Body Shape

boudoir photographer utah

Buying swimwear can be a disastrous situation for everyone no matter what your body type is. So, learn how to shop for your body type so that your next trip to the mall isn’t quite as depressing as the last. In fact, it can even be made fun. It’s cool to re-invent your wardrobe and your confidence with a new swim set. So, here are a few tips to help you shop based on your body type.

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10 Reasons To Wear Fun Undies At Any Age

lingerie photography ut

Wearing fun undies is not only fun but totally empowering — for any woman no matter what her age might be. Everyone deserves to find small ways that create a sense of empowerment and sex appeal. Even if no one knows that hot pink booty cut panty is under there? You do. And that’s enough to put an extra bit of confidence in your attitude during the day. So Why not? Here are 10 reasons to wear fun undies at any age:

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Bra Fitting Guide: What To Ask During A Bra Fitting

bra fitting guide

So you’re at Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur or Bordelle loving the designs but not loving the confusing that comes along with the range of sizes and unique bra fits. Some run small some run large, it’s a hot mess of lace and sparkles. The pictures are inspiring and the lighting is flattering — you’ve selected you favorites through the jungle of cross straps and push ups finally having made it to the dressing room.

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