About Me

I first picked up an SLR (Read Fancy Camera) in high school at sixteen. I shot two rolls of what I fully expected to be some of the most epic photos the world had ever seen. What I got back were 36 photos that were too over exposed to make anything out and 36 more that were completely black. This was my first great lesson in photography, it doesn’t happen on accident. So off to the books I went to discover just how many mistakes I made. Into a world of exposure, ISO and shutter speed so many things to learn and I loved every minute.

At seventeen I made the decision to join the US Army, I put down the camera and picked up new tools of the trade. For the next eight years I worked to hone a different craft, but the time came for me to leave them and I suddenly noticed a feeling of missing something. Looking for an outlet I happened upon a good deal for a DSLR. From the moment that I picked it up I felt rejuvenated. I started shooting everything under the sun. Soon I was doing family portraits, engagements and weddings but not really getting the sense of fulfillment that I was craving.

Several years ago a friend of my wife who had recently been through a really bad breakup and was struggling with her self-esteem asked if I would be willing to do a boudoir shoot for her as she did not want to go to someone she did not know. Having never done one before I asked to think about it, little did I know how this choice would shape my life. After a week of pouring through everything that I could find on it I agreed. The shoot went well, I had noticed many other photographers were putting the photos in albums for clients and wanted to do something nice for her. I never expected her to have the kind of emotional reaction to the photos that she did. Truth be told it changed me, it changed what I wanted to do with photography, but more importantly it changed who I wanted to be as a person.