14 Jul 2015

Local Treasures List: Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutiques

*Firstly, note that this list is ever

14 Jul 2015

Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutique

*Firstly, note that this list is ever evolving and not currently finished. Luckily, Utah is a location that is expanding and continuing to grow with new fashions making their mark every year. We now tout brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, and Free People. All of which had never seen the likes of Salt Lake City but now have store fronts. However, if you want something really unique boutique shops that can only be found in our small city is where it’s at. So, without further ado, here is the ever growing list of locally owned Salt Lake City lingerie boutiques! Photo Credit above to Liquid Photography.

Bra Bar Boutique

Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutique

This boutique is a great place that makes women feel beautiful in their own skin. Here isn’t not about having the perfect set of tatas. It’s about finding a bra that fits your unique size and shape without feeling bad about what you don’t have. Or even what you might think you have too much of! The down side to chains like Victoria’s Secret (and much of today’s media) is that they make you believe that breasts are only beautiful if they are a perky D cup. Which, isn’t true. They can be beautiful if you’re a barely there A or even a fabulous F. And this boutique helps their customers realize that and be proud of what they have while finding the perfect bra to match their size and style. Plus, the style range is wide so there is something for the adventurous lingerie lover or pretty basics for every day. So, please check out this boutique and add it to your personal list of Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutiques.

The Dahlia Room

Salt Lake City Lingerie Boutiques

One word: Bondage. This boutique is for those who have a sexual side they want to explore or are simply proud of expressing either with a partner or alone. Not only is this a unique lingerie boutique but it’s also an adult store comprised of only the highest end brands of dildos, vibrators, and more. The lingerie here almost always sports bondage esque straps that are both fashion forward while being practical in play. Their is also a variety of books and jewelry to peruse while spending time in this unique boutique. A wonderful hidden find that will take you down the rabbit hole of lingerie and self-discovery.

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