07 Jul 2015

Muse Of The Month: Dita Von Teese

Oh, Dita. The glossy retro exterior that

07 Jul 2015

Boudoir Photographer UT

Oh, Dita. The glossy retro exterior that appears so demure is actually quite naughty. Have you seen her burlesque show? From pink feather clad girly girl to bad ass leather babe this girl’s got her MO down pat — and totally owns it! She is a wonderful example that everyone has a multitude of different sides to themselves and that they can all be owned and celebrated in their own unique ways. 


She’s deviant, she’s kinky as hell, and best of all she totally owns it. Completely unashamed and completely open about it. It’s OK to have a side of you that breaks the rules sometimes. For some people that’s the ruling part of their personalities. For others, it’s but a small fraction. However, we all have it to some degree. Don’t apologize for saying ‘No,’ for being different from the crowd, or speaking your mind.

How To Foster Your Inner Naughty Side:

  • Break out the handcuffs and indulge in your kinky side
  • Put on a strip tease for your partner
  • Do a fun boudoir photographer UT shoot


She has impeccable 1950’s mannerisms. From dainty movements to classic hair styles this girl is totally in tune with her feminine side. If you’re a girly girl her daily style is your speed — she has wonderful taste in retro basics and unique designer styles. Dainty gloves and old army inspired hats a plenty.

How To Foster Your Inner Nice Side:

  • Do a fun pin-up photoshoot with a boudoir photographer UT. See examples here
  • Hit up Tatyana online and take a look at their designer retro inspired clothing and make a purchase
  • Do some home cooking
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