22 Jun 2015

Happy Father’s Day, Hubby

A huge shout out to all those

22 Jun 2015

boudoir photography gift for husband

A huge shout out to all those fathers out there! Today is your day so do what you enjoy — whether it’s hitting the golf course or kicking back at home. (I’m going to dinner with my wife and little baby, can’t wait!) We fathers have a lot on out plate from bringing home the bacon, taking care of the kids, to being a there for the wife. Speaking of wives, ladies, do you ever stress out about what to buy your husband for Father’s Day? You’re not alone. Gift shopping can be hard! Here are a few ideas to make it easier on you.

Firstly there is the obvious choice: a boudoir photography gift for husband. Boudoir photography gifts are great for men, we all know that men are visual creatures so why not do something a little daring? It will show him a scandalous side of you he maybe hasn’t seen before. Or, if he has, give him a memento to remember it by. Every time he thinks of you he can pull out his phone, check his laptop, whatever. And even though you wont be there you’ll be sure you’re the only thing on his mind.

And, as a pleasant side effect your own self-esteem will get a huge boost! You’ll be able to see your beauty first-hand as your significant other sees it. Plus you get to see yourself in full hair, make up, and professional lighting. It can really do wonders for the ego. 😉 This holiday give the gift of boudoir photography gift for husband.

Other, not quite as cool ideas include: A watch, tickets to his favorite seasonal sport, dinner with the family, athletic gear, whatever is next on his book list, or even the latest in wearable tech.

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