14 Jun 2015

Muse Of The Month: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was beautiful, tragic, legendary, broken, optimistic,

14 Jun 2015


Marilyn was beautiful, tragic, legendary, broken, optimistic, inspiring, and lastly poetic. On some level we can all relate to her even if we don’t think we look like her. Often times we’ve all at least felt like her — whether it be because a strange man was soliciting sex through unscrupulous leering or suddenly you feel the worlds darkness creep in around you. We’ve all been where she has been and the lesson to learn from her is to never let the world bring you down even though it may try. Here are a few of her words to live by… or at least put a spring in your step for the day!

Normal Is Boring

Give A Girl The Right Shoes And She Can Conquer The World

Don’t Ever Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

Imperfection Is Beauty, Madness Is Genius And It’s Better To Be Absolutely Ridiculous Than Absolutely Boring

If You Can Make A Girl Laugh You Gotta Make A Girl Do Anything

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