01 Jun 2015

Posing No-No’s: Basics To Avoid While Modeling

Modeling isn’t as easy as it looks,

01 Jun 2015

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Modeling isn’t as easy as it looks, though the human body can look amazing and do amazing things it also has this way of contorting into positions that no one would call your ‘best angle.’ Understanding how to control your body and move in a manner that’s the most flattering is essential when walking into a boudoir photoshoot. Here are a few basics to help you feel confident in your ability to strike a sexy pose.

1. Remember Your Neck — It can be all too easy to forget to show your neck. Elongate this part of yourself by keeping your shoulders down and away from your neck so they aren’t hidden, move your hair to one side so you show some extra flesh in the shadows.

2. Model Head To Toe — Make sure your limbs are all showing in a way that looks natural. You don’t want a hand to look as though it’s coming out of no where or a limb has been cut off in a strange place. Make sure that every limb is shown or if it’s hidden it’s purposeful.

3. Smooth Forehead — You’re bending in some type of position only a contortionist would appreciate, you’re pursing your lips into the perfect pout and you’re concentrating so hard on holding it all together that your brows have knitted together creating deep lines on you’re forehead. Stop that! Relax and breathe naturally to relax your face.

4. Palm Side — Make sure to keep the view of your hands to the side, do not face your entire palm to the camera or the entire back of your hand to the camera. It will make that appendage look much larger than it actually is, just show the side of your hand or find a way to play with your fingers to add a soft, more feminine look to the overall photo.

5. Be Confident — If you’re feeling awkward or shy that can totally shine through in a photo. Even with a smile on your face! Remember how beautiful and amazing you are during your pictures. If it helps have someone you love supporting you the entire way through. It will be a huge help to boosting the ‘ole confidence during a shoot.

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