26 May 2015

Be Your Best Summer Babe: Swimwear For Every Body Shape

Buying swimwear can be a disastrous situation

26 May 2015

boudoir photographer utah

Buying swimwear can be a disastrous situation for everyone no matter what your body type is. So, learn how to shop for your body type so that your next trip to the mall isn’t quite as depressing as the last. In fact, it can even be made fun. It’s cool to re-invent your wardrobe and your confidence with a new swim set. So, here are a few tips to help you shop based on your body type.

Straight: You have been given the gift of symmetry from top to bottom, literally. Because of this you can actually wear a skimpy bikini without fear that it will pop off after taking a plunge in the pool or slide sideways. So, if you want to celebrate your shape go for that ity bity teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Or, if you want to put on a pretense {no judging here!} go for ruffles and gathers to create the illusion that everything is ‘bigger.’ Ruffle top means bitter boobs and cinched bottom means bigger booty. Or, go for a unique high neck cut inspired from ancient Egyptian times like the picture below.

straight body type swimwear

Pool Side Jam: Worth It by Kid Ink and Fifth Harmony

Best Bikini Drink: Blue Lagoon. The color of the cool water in the glass that is as straight lined as yours.

Pear: Let’s face the reality right now — everyone is jealous of your effortless booty. We all do thousands of squats just to get your booty. However, the boy short is your best option. Coverage is a good thing as for you it may be a danger to trust that bikini bottom to stay put. Find a fun boy short in a solid color then a playful ‘look at me’ pattern in the top to draw the attention up not down. Or, find a really cute set of mini board shorts to act as an accent to the entire ensemble.

boudoir photographer ut

Best Beauty Beat: Bang Bang by Jessie J. Arianna Grande and Nikki Minaj. 

Hot Day Drink: Tequila Sunrise, it comes in a glass that’s shaped like you and the extra color brings additional fun to the party. 

Hourglass: Girl, you’ve got all the right things in all the right places. So, we’re going to give you the one piece. All those cray cut outs? They look great on you no matter where they sit and only stand to amplify the best parts about you. So, opt for the designer one piece with cool cuts. Or, go for a basic triangle bikini, we know you’ll rock it.

boudoir photographer utah

Summer Serenade: Talking Body by Tove Lo.

Tall Drink Of “Water:” Pina Colada, it’s fun, it’s sweet but also has a little bit of a dangerous side.

Inverted Triangle: Bring attention to your bottom with a frilly pattern, extra piece of fabric or unique cut. Then, settle for something basic on top. Your triangle is upside down so your shoulders are broad there fore you want to stay away from embellishments that highlight the upper half near your shoulders. A fun up that flows just around the waist would be a great option to highlight your legs.

utah boudoir photographer

Perfect Summer Song: Uptown Funk by bruno Mars.

Day Drinking Is Ok: Cosmopolitan. Strong yet classy, much like you.

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