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Bra Fitting Guide: What To Ask During A Bra Fitting

bra fitting guide

So you’re at Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur or Bordelle loving the designs but not loving the confusing that comes along with the range of sizes and unique bra fits. Some run small some run large, it’s a hot mess of lace and sparkles. The pictures are inspiring and the lighting is flattering — you’ve selected you favorites through the jungle of cross straps and push ups finally having made it to the dressing room.

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10 Small Ways To Feel Sexy Every Day

boudoir photography utah

We all have those days when our self-esteem below par. Learn how to stop those negative thoughts dead in their tracks! It’s important to protect yourself, and somtimes that means monitoring your own internal dialoug. Here are some easy ways to keep negativity at bay and let positive self-esteem flourish.

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Funny Positive Affirmations Quotes

Sometimes it takes more than a great outfit or completely fabulous hair day to get the positive vibes flowing. There are times when the positive thoughts need help overcoming the bad. Here are a few affirmations to remind yourself how beautiful you are, how wonderful life can be or simply to just keep going when the going gets rough. Remember that though it may seem silly studies have shown that saying positive affirmations out loud as well as writing them down adds to brain layer thickness which allows for a more positive baseline in thinking patterns. After all take it from boudoir photography utah, laughter is the best medicine here are some funny positive affirmations quotes.

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